Role: Creative Director, Content & Innovation.

Company: MediaCom in partnership with SoulPancake

Challenge: Create a content plan for 2015 that aligned with strayers “Success” campaign.

Solution:  We casted 12 students in different stages of their education to showcase the life of Strayer’s students. Each quarter we released a series of 3 videos that represented a specific stage of a stage student.

Strayer University was looking to celebrate it’s students and showcase the life of a Strayer student. We casted 12 real students to tell the story from consideration and enrollment to graduation and professional life.


Showcases 3 women that were nominated by a Strayer student to receive a scholarship due to their dedication and perseverance to overcome life’s challenges.These amazing women were given a full education at Strayer University as a result of the series.





A huge part of the student body at Strayer is comprised of business owners, entrepreneurs and those who eventually want to have a managerial position looking to educate themselves in the business of “business”. We wanted to celebrate those students that doing just that and showing their full potential.




There are specific morals and values that are displayed in a typical Strayer student. In this series, we celebrate those that not only have performed to the part in academics, but have also excelled at life and overcoming obstacles.




“The Graduates”

Finally, we created a round table conversation between 6 Strayer graduates where they discuss their experience at the school and beyond.