Role: Sr. Creative Director, Creative Services & Branded Content


Challenge: Generate new avenues of revenue for

Solution: Proactively put together DailyMail’s branded video team including equipment, employees and signature series.

Leveraging’s 150M Uniques and it’s huge popularity on social platforms like SnapChat and Facebook, proactively created a branded video team that offers competitive market guarantees and is organic to DailyMail’s audiences.

Some of the needs for the company were to create some more turn key pieces that allowed fast and custom integrations, and through some audience insights, we created a series of How-to’s that have performed extremely well with DailyMail’s audience, resulting in organic views and extremely cost effective CPV’s.:

“Try the Trend”

A series where we identify trends based on celebrities fashion and we show you how to achieve it.


“Get the Look”

Similar to “Try the Trend, “Get the look” identifies beauty trends and shows you how to achieve them.

“Create your Craving”

a series where we show you how to create a drink or dish.